Blake Arnold’s 2013 NFL Draft – Round One

2013 Mock Draft Round One

1) Kansas City Chiefs Select Geno Smith, Quarterback, West Virginia.
Reasoning: Kansas City is in an ugly, ugly, situation, they need a new signal caller, coaching staff, and GM. Geno Smith doesn’t have the best of stats but he is the best Qb in the draft, he also has great mechanics, and let’s face it the Chiefs are desperate.

2) Jacksonville Jaguars Select Bjoern Warner, Defensive End, Florida State.
Reasoning: Chad Henne has played the last two games and has looked pretty good so far, as I said they need some defense to win games, they have no pass rush or secondary at all, this needs to change quickly or Jacksonville Jaguars may become the Los Angeles Jaguars, but they do not need to fret, they are picking number two and have the ability to select the best pass rusher available and that is Bjoern Warner/Damontre Moore.

3) Philadelphia Eagles Select Luke Joeckel, Offensive Tackle, Texas A&M.
Reasoning: The Eagles season has been a complete nightmare, no heart, no intensity, and no will to even play, their offensive line has been depleted by injury Jason Peters, Jason Kelce, and Todd Herremans are all out for the season. Luke Joeckel is the next elite tackle and I compare him to Joe Thomas, without knowing what Peters can or can’t do they will need a tackle, Joeckel can go to right tackle if Peters is healthy and put Herremans back at his natural guard position.
 4) Oakland Raiders Select Star Lotulelei, Defensive Tackle, Utah.
Reasoning: Oakland badly needs a DT if you want to win, you have to stop the run, every running back is shredding them consistently, When that happens you should be embarrassed, Star Lotulelei is a monster he can plug a huge hole and stop opposing running backs from dominating their middle.

5) Carolina Panthers Select Johnathan Hankins, Defensive Tackle, Ohio State.
Reasoning: Carolina just got ripped for 178 yards and 2 touchdowns by a rookie running back on his first start. This has been a consistency all year long, if you play the Panthers you run the rock, it keeps Cam out of the game and it keeps the defense on their heels, The Panthers badly need to plug up some running lanes and Hankins will do so, he also has pass rushing ability which they also lack, Hankins is surprisingly athletic for his size and will become a great player for that Carolina defensive line.

6) Cleveland Browns Select Jarvis Jones, Outside Linebacker, Georgia.
Reasoning: The Browns need two things to make this a complete team and that is a pass rush and quarterback, there is no quarterback worth taking at this spot in the draft so the Browns will settle with a dominate pass rushing linebacker in Jarvis Jones.

7.) Tennessee Titans Select Damontre Moore, Defensive End, Texas A&M.
Reasoning: Bjoern Warner or Damontre Moore could be the first end taken, fortunately for the Titans they get to fill a much needed pass rushing need, Damontre Moore is a truly special talent, not only does he lead his team in sacks, but he leads his team in tackles, he has great awareness and will quickly become a Titans fan favorite.

8) Arizona Cardinals Select Taylor Lewan, Offensive Tackle, Michigan.
Reasoning: Yes, Arizona has no Quarterback but there is a reason for that they have absolutely no one to protect the man under center, Lewan plays with so much grittiness and intensity, he will protect the Quarterback and open up running lanes and is a huge upgrade over rookie Potter.

9) Buffalo Bills Select Jake Matthews, Offensive Tackle, Texas A&M.
Reasoning: The Bills owner said he does want to pursue a franchise Qb, I don’t think they will do it here, I think they improve their offensive line to make sure their new signal caller has time to pass the ball and get it to their premier wide receiver Steve Johnson.

10) New York Jets Select Sam Montgomery, Defensive End, LSU.
Reasoning: The Jets do need quarterback help but I believe they sit back and improve their defense, they have no pass rush at all and Sam Montgomery has been more consistent than his teammate Mingo, if he can keep it up, plus to win in the AFC North you need to pressure Tom Brady.

11) San Diego Chargers Select DeMarcus Milliner, Cornerback, Alabama.
Reasoning: Chargers have had a horrible season, Jammer and Cason are both free agent they may retain one or they may not retain either, DeMarcus Milliner has proved he can take away part of the field and will continue to do so in a Chargers uniform.

12) St. Louis Rams Select Eric Fisher, Offensive Tackle, Central Michigan.
Reasoning: If the Rams want Bradford to continue being their franchise Qb they need to protect him Eric Fisher is finally getting big time recognition and could sneak into the top 10.

13) Detroit Lions Select Johnthan Banks, Cornerback, Mississippi State.
Reasoning: The Lions have been shredded through the air all year long, their corners have been completely sad, they need a corner that can take over one side of the field, Banks can do that or he can play safety whatever the Lions prefer he is a huge upgrade at either position.

14) Dallas Cowboys Select Chance Warmack, Offensive Guard, Alabama.
Reasoning: Dallas needs to give Romo and their running back who ever is holding the rock some time to hit open receivers or lanes, Warmack is amazing he would be a top 5 pick if he was a tackle, guards tend to fall.

15) Miami Dolphins Select Keenan Allen, Wide Receiver, California.
Reasoning: Tannehill has been surprisingly good this season, his wide receiver have combined for two touchdowns, he needs a reliable target that he trust in that will always come down with, Allen is a great receiver that catches everything.

16) St. Louis Rams Select Eric Reid, Free Safety, LSU.                                                                                                                          Reasoning: I don’t believe the Rams reach for another receiver, they can improve their defense here and will do so with Eric Reid, I say he is a confusing prospect, one week he is rising the next he is falling, but he is a solid safety and a solid pick for 16 and will improve that secondary.

17) Minnesota Vikings Select Sheldon Richardson, Defensive Tackle, Missouri.
Reasoning: Williams is an aging veteran in a contract year, Richardson can bring so much to the defense, he is great in run defense and can also be disruptive in the passing game.

18) New Orleans Saints Select Jesse Williams, Defensive Tackle, Alabama.
Reasoning: Same problem with the Panthers and Raiders they have no one in the middle that that plug it up and stop the run, Jesse Williams in a big boy and is very consistent, a high motor as well, he will fit well on the Saints defense.

19) Pittsburgh Steelers Select Manti Te’o, Middle Linebacker, Notre Dame.
Reasoning: Steelers have an aging team, and they have a need to replace the aging Larry Foote, Te’o has the motor and leadership the Steelers love and he will become the heart and soul of the defense immediately, and having him fall to 19 is almost grand robbery.

20) Seattle Seahawks Select Tavon Austin, Wide Receiver, West Virginia.
Reasoning: Russell Wilson really doesn’t have any passing options since Sidney Rice is constantly injured and Golden Tate isn’t the best option, Tavon brings explosiveness to the offense and catches everything.

21) Tampa Bay Buccaneers Select Xavier Rhodes, Cornerback, Florida State.
Reasoning: Tampa Bay’s corners were already a weak spot before the Aqib Talib trade, now it is a huge need and needs addressed immediately, Rhodes can also bring a kick returning dimension to this team.

22) Cincinnati Bengals Select Barkevious Mingo, Defensive End/Linebacker.
Reasoning: Barkevious could be a steal here playing defensive end or Linebacker depending on what the coaching staff is more comfortable with, He can take and get pass disruption I think he will be a steal here and show a decent amount of production.

23) Indianapolis Colts Select C.J. Mosley, Outside Linebacker, Alabama.
Reasoning: The Colts have found an offensive leadership in Andrew Luck, they need a leader on defense and Mosley will step in, he has played with so much production and heart and having him slide to 23 is a major steal.

24) Green Bay Packers Select Jonathan Cooper, Offensive Guard, North Carolina.
Reasoning: As I’ve said over the weeks one of the Packers biggest problem is protecting Rodgers and opening up running lanes, Cooper is extremely athletic and can do both at a high level, this will improve the line immediately.

25) New York Giants Select Alex Okafor, Defensive End, Texas.
Reasoning: Osi is a free agent and Tuck isn’t having the best of games, Okafor has had a pretty productive season and this will translate and become a deadly pass rushing tandem for the New York Giants.

26) Denver Broncos Select Tyler Eifert, Tight End, Notre Dame.
Reasoning: Manning doesn’t have many years left in him, if Elway and the Broncos want at least one more super bowl ring they will need to give Peyton as many weapons as you can, Eifert can be a deadly one in the Bronco’s offense.

27) Chicago Bears Select Barrett Jones, Offensive Tackle, Guard, Center, Alabama.
Reasoning: Chicago desperately needs to improve the Oline if they ever want to get Cutler a ring, Jones can play any position on the line at a high level and will do so at any position Smith would like him at, I’d say left tackle makes the most sense.

28) New England Patriots Select Dion Jordan, Defensive End, Oregon,
Reasoning: The Patriots have no pass rush outside of Chandler Jones, Jordan will be a beast, great athleticism and natural skill, he reminds me a lot of JPP.

29) Baltimore Ravens Select David Amerson, Cornerback, North Carolina State,
Reasoning: Cary Williams is a free agent and Webb has had his ACL torn for the second time, they need a corner who can step in immediately and make a difference, Amerson can be a press corner and take away half of a field at times.

30) San Francisco 49ers Select John Jenkins, Defensive Tackle, Georgia.
Reasoning: Sopoaga is expected to become a free agent and Jenkins is a big guy that can take his place easily and be a force on the defense the guy is 6-3 358 pounds and move like a defensive end, he is athletic and has great moves for a big time DT.

31) Atlanta Falcons Select Ezekiel Ansah, Defensive End, BYU.
Reasoning: The Falcons have gotten sacks this season, but they seem to struggle to get consistent pressure, Ansah hasn’t played football long but his body and natural talents are opening scouts eyes wide open, he could be the next big thing and also could be a huge steal for the Falcons.

32) Houston Texans Select DeAndre Hopkins, Wide Receiver, Clemson.
Reasoning: Houston has needed a number 2 guy for many years, they need to get Schaub a true receiver if they ever want to get their organization a ring, Hopkins doesn’t have blazing speed but his speed is decent and he has great hands, this will compliment Johnson’s play.