2012 NFL Mock Draft | Picks 4-6

4. In the 2012 NFL Mock Draft the Cleveland Browns: Justin Blackmon

2012 NFL Mock Draft #1 WR

Justin Blackmon


The Browns get one of the best players in this 2012 NFL Mock Draft in Justin Blackmon. He is a top tier play maker.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Trent Richardson

2012 NFL Mock Draft #1 Running Back

Trent Richardson

The Bucs get the best RB in a long time in this draft.

6. TRADE***St. Louis Rams select Matt Kalil  Offensive Tackle

2012 NFL Mock Draft #1




In this 2012 NFL Mock draft the St Louis Rams get the best Offensive tackle available in this NFL Draft. They are hoping to get one of playmakers but they will “settle” for the best OT.

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